Multicolored Bedding


Are you looking for more zest in a plain bedroom? Multicolored bedding is a great solution to transform your space from drab and boring, to fabulous by adding a splash of personality. Once you find the multicolored bedding that speaks to you, you're all set to accessorize and redesign your dream room.




What is your vision? If you want to stick to a basic color, but crave variety, bring in textures. Beige pillowcases with embroidery and a detailed stitch suddenly stand out. Try a bedskirt with a ruffle, satin sheets to contrast a cotton comforter or textured blankets draped over a plain, 200-thread count duvet or quilt.


If you have a soft, plush 3-piece comforter, organic duvet, or quilt with standard shams, explore a pillow that's a different shape and size, such as a heart or circle made of polyester.




Adding color can mean very different things to different people. If your goal is minimal, you can add subtle pops of color to a plain duvet, comforter or quilt with colorful sheets, a pillowcase or a bed skirt. If you've chosen a blue theme, throw in a pastel blue for a subtle contrast.


If bold colors, like blue and green, against a taupe colored luxury bedding set, is too much, choose a tame color with a great design, like floral print or paisley. There are some great reversible duvets and cotton comforters to choose from that give you the option of switching on the daily.


If you're ready to dive into colors that are bright, throw out your cream colored duvet and replace it with a cozy, colorful quilt or paisley duvet or comforter.  Opening the door for dozens of options, not only for accessorizing the rest of the room but for a fun pillow or blanket to bring out whatever color in the quilt you desire.


Mixing and Matching