Neutral Bedding

From your comforter to your sheets, finding bedding that matches the rest of your bedroom decor can be a little bit tricky. This is especially true when you don’t buy it all at one time or have pieces that you’ve accumulated over the years. This eclectic look can be cozy and inviting, but maybe you want to create a sleeping area that has a fresher feel. Luckily, you’ll find that there’s plenty of neutral Pottery Barn bedding available to ensure the colors in your bedroom complement each other beautifully. Colors like white, ivory, tan and gray go with practically any other hue. This feature also makes neutral bedding a practical choice if you like to redecorate often or you switch your decor out with the seasons. Another reason to choose neutral bedding is that it doesn’t ever feel too masculine or feminine, so it works in any family member’s space equally well.

Aside from being convenient, neutral bedding can also make your bedroom feel clean and uncluttered. A combination of many bright colors can really wake up your brain when you enter the room and even make it seem overwhelming, which might be the last thing you want when you’re getting ready to rest. Instead, try using a neutral-hued bedspread or comforter with a few pops of color around the room. You can do this by adding a colorful wall hanging over the bed or an assortment of decorative pillows in shades of your favorite colors. The possibilities are endless when choosing color schemes to blend with the neutral colors; it provides an ideal backdrop for your creativity.

Another option is to stick with various shades of the neutral colors you choose for some monochromatic appeal. For example, if you choose white bedding, paint your walls a shade of white and choose frames, curtains and rugs in various shades of the color too. Be sure to incorporate the colors already available in the room, ranging from the color of your hardwood flooring to the color of the trim around your windows. When done thoughtfully, the monochromatic look can add a soft touch to any bedroom and go a long way in helping you create your own personal oasis.

Speaking of your own private oasis, many people choose to mimic colors found in nature in their bedrooms. Some of the most popular choices are the blues and greens found in the ocean and in the sky above it. Instead of painting your walls a neutral color and choosing a blue and green bedding, try the opposite. Pick your favorite sea-green or turquoise for your walls. Never be afraid to be bold when showing off your personality. Choose a neutral bedding that’s the color of the sand at your favorite beach and fall asleep with memories of lapping waves.

If you like to work with intricate patterns, neutral bedding is a great option for you as well. Maybe you have paisley wallpaper, floral curtains or a contemporary rug with unique shapes. Like colors, the presence of many patterns can overwhelm the room, but add neutral bedding, and your favorite patterned pieces can stand out even more.

Neutral bedding can even bring special pieces of furniture together. Maybe you have an old oak chest that you inherited from your grandmother, but your bed is more modern and darker in color. Choosing a neutral color, such as ivory, that looks great with both pieces can make it all look as if everything was meant to fit in the same room.

If you’re worried your neutral bed might not be inspiring enough, there are some steps you can take to spruce it up a bit. If you have a favorite quilt or throw, drape it or fold it across the foot of your bed. You can also choose to rotate a selection of seasonal throw pillows. Florals and pastel colors work well for spring, while something that reminds you of a tropical getaway can work well during the summer. Stick to golds and reds for fall or pillows that look and feel like your favorite sweater for winter. Never be afraid to have fun with it; let your personality shine.