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Warm enough for a chilly winter evening or light enough to last through the whole summer, the right quilt provides an ample amount of comfort in your bedroom. An integral part of getting a good night’s sleep, having a quilt that provides a high level of comfort and softness lets you drift right into dreamland in a room that looks beautiful. Curating a broad quilt selection also adds to the existing decor of a room, providing just the right accent to make your bedroom stand out.

When choosing a quilt, selecting the right material is a significant decision to make and one that can dictate the overall appearance of your bedroom. One of the most important pieces of your bedding set, a quilt sits right against your skin for hours each evening and night, so opt for one that’s crisp and cool or soft and cozy to meet your desired level of comfort. You may prefer materials such as organic cotton. This type of material offers a high level of softness and durability, providing a cozy, warm feeling for your sleeping quarters. It’s also produced without the use of any pesticides, resulting in a healthy sleep that allows you to truly relax. You’re easily able to match an organic cotton quilt with a sheet set of the same material, and organic cotton sheet sets usually have a high thread count to ensure longevity. Other quilt materials that you might love for your space include linen or a cotton/silk mixture for supple softness with a crisp and clean appearance.

The color and pattern you select are also vital in directing your decorating scheme when you start shopping for your quilt. While comfort is the first priority, another is to have your new quilt complement the existing color choices in your bedroom. Pottery Barn gives you the benefit of being able to shop by color, so you’re able to purchase all of your blankets, sheet sets and quilts within the same color scheme to create a hip, monochromatic space if you desire. Simply select the color family you want to search, such as neutrals, and find search results tailored precisely to that color scheme. Shopping by color also includes patterns too so if you might prefer a quilt with some personality but in a neutral color scheme, this is a quick way to look at all your options.

Many quilts also come with included shams to add convenience, extra comfort and decorative accents to your bedroom style. This makes choosing the material of the quilt even more important because a sham, not unlike a pillow, must be soft and comfortable while you’re lounging in bed. Mix and match the included shams in a set with the decorative and sleeping pillows already on your bed, or opt to use the shams on a nearby daybed. Depending on your style of bedroom, a full bedding set with shams, a quilt and decorative pillows can breathe new life into your room’s decor.

For those evenings when it’s a bit too chilly to have just a quilt on the bed, entertain the notion of adding a similarly styled comforter to get you through the coldest month of the year. When the mercury dips low, it’s quite suitable to have both your quilt and your comforter on the bed for added warmth. Comforters are often easier to wash and are highly durable, standing up to repeated machine washings and dryer cycles. Do keep in mind that the delicate nature of quilts often requires a gentler cleaning option. Similarly to quilts, with comforters you can shop by color with the ability to select comforters in myriad color and pattern schemes, from whites to blues.

Those interested in going green may want to opt for quilts that are included in our Eco Shop. Highlighting the use of environmentally friendly materials, these bedding products help you feel confident knowing that your organic or other eco-friendly quilt meets your environmental standards. Never skimping on softness or quality, an organic quilt offers the highest level of comfort while maintaining your commitment to the environment.