White Bedding

Bedding is one of the most important components to think about when it comes to how your bedroom fits together. You may want your bedding to look a certain way and enhance your existing decor, or perhaps you feel as though it’s time to turn over a new leaf and start with a fresh slate. Above all, it’s highly important that your bedding is comfortable. When you feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud, it’s much more likely that you’ll get a better night’s sleep. No matter what your existing style is or what your colors already are in your bedroom, white bedding gives off an air of freshness, comfort and crispness that helps make it look like you’re sleeping on a cloud too. From your comforter to your decorative pillows, arranging everything in white is a smart idea.

Keep in mind that white bedding does require a bit more maintenance, but it’s certainly worth the extra time spent cleaning. Keeping this in mind, you want the most durable fabric in sheets and pillowcases that still feels luxurious. The large selection of our bedding foundations not only allows you to choose from various shades of the color white, but it also lets you select durable sheet sets in different fabrics with high thread counts. These pieces are able to stand up to repeated washings and tumbles in the dryer. Choose from a wealth of materials, from linen to organic cotton, to find the right set of sheets that is the ideal shade of white and the highest level of softness to meet your needs.

To keep an air of crisp whiteness in your bedroom all year long, look for beautiful duvet covers and shams. While keeping in mind you may want purely white duvet covers, you can also branch out a little bit and opt for covers with embroidery, light patterns or two-toned white designs. A duvet cover is great for the bed all year because it’s heavy enough to give you adequate protection from chilly nights during the winter and is light enough in summer to take the chill out of an air-conditioned room. Shams are also included with most duvet covers, allowing you to keep with a certain design or decor theme easily. Similarly to bed sheets, look for duvet covers and shams with a high thread count in order to promote their longevity, especially if you’re washing your bedding at home in a powerful machine. Choose from soft and plush materials such as cotton, linen and others to give you that soft feel against your skin for a lovely night’s sleep.

Having the right blankets and throws is also paramount to enjoying a bedding scheme that works all year. Some months just don’t require a heavy quilt, duvet or comforter, and it’s nice to have a collection of white blankets and throws to curl up with while you’re reading a good book or watching a movie. Perhaps you plan to use them on those nights when you simply need a thin layer of coverage. Similarly to other bedding products available from Pottery Barn, you can shop by color, narrowing all of your results down to white and off-white colors before deciding on patterns, solid colors or two-toned looks.

Lastly, you may need some white bedding accessories to finish off the room. Look for complementary bed skirts and daybed covers in white to completely finish your bed set. Not only does the right bed skirt hide storage space under the bed, but it also adds a tasteful accent that finishes off the room. Look for bed skirts in the same materials as your bed sheets, such as linen and organic cotton, for a great match.