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Sherwin-Williams Paint

Paint color is one of the easiest yet most impactful ways to affect a room. The Pottery Barn collection of Sherwin-Williams paint makes it easy to find paint in the perfect color to accent a wall or create an entirely new color palette for one room to the entire home.


Neutral walls in varying shades offer subtle versatility for every style. Adjacent rooms such as a master bedroom and bath don’t have to feature just one color. The bedroom may be Agreeable Gray added to a focal wall of Naval with the adjoining bathroom featuring Extra White with Naval accents. Choosing a paint color can help define a separate space while carrying through an underlying mood.


To personalize your paint, start with your favorite color and tone it up or down, depending on the style of the room and the aura you are trying to create: inspiring, bold, serene or relaxing. Add additional color with trim, accents and furniture. Instinctual flair will help determine when the palette is perfected or you can seek our free design services to help get you started, to consult about paint ideas or to add the finishing touches.


Sherwin-Williams has curated a selection of colors including the Emerald All-in-one Paint and Primer, providing easy application, a smooth finish and beautiful results.