All Kitchen Accessories & Essentials

When it comes to cooking, baking and entertaining, having the right cooking equipment and essentials in your kitchen is one of the most important things. Without the right type of pots, pans, gadgets and cookware, cooking and entertaining would be exceedingly hard. However, a kitchen and dining room are two places where an awful lot of time is spent. Having the right kitchen accessories and essentials adds to your overall cooking experience, providing a space that you feel comfortable in, and that warmly invites your guests to feel at home as well.

Countertop organization can help you keep all of your essentials and utensils organized. Look for lovely countertop canisters and crocks to store items in for easy access. A banded crock or an Elsie canister easily complement existing kitchen decor and give you extra space in which to store items like spatulas, turners, pasta forks and more. You may also enjoy matching accessories to go with your crocks or canisters, such as mixing bowls, measuring cups and trivets, for a complete overall look. A matching spoon rest is another delightful essential for the stove top or counter. Continue your organizational skills with such pieces as a countertop lazy Susan. Ideal for placing spices, bar glassware or other items on, choose from marble and copper or wooden styles to match your table or countertops.

When entertaining a large group or hosting a buffet-style dinner, opt for silverware caddies that keep everything right at your guests’ fingertips. A vintage-style flatware caddy adds a rustic flair to your buffet stand or dining room table, or a simple utensil caddy works well on your countertop or ledge. Not just for entertaining large groups, these types of silverware caddies work well for everyday use for family meals as well. For a complete look, consider a flatware caddy with matching napkin holder.

Being able to clean up in a jiffy is always important as well, and it’s paramount to have both kitchen towels and paper towels on hand. Keep paper towels within handy reach with a paper towel holder, which can also be matched to your silverware caddy and napkin holder. Choose kitchen towels that complement your existing palette and your personal tastes. Seasonal kitchen towels are always a fun idea. For example, as autumn approaches, choose harvest colors or kitchen towels with fall-inspired designs such as pumpkins to enliven your kitchen. To further keep cleanup a breeze, opt for matching soap and lotion dispensers to keep you organized by your kitchen sink area. A recipe holder is also a terrific idea for your countertop, allowing you to easily keep recipes at eye level without risking water or heat damage to your favorite cookbook.

Keep kitchen walls organized with a myriad of different types of wall systems and organizers available exclusively from Pottery Barn. Look for a wall system with hooks to hang keys and other small items, or choose a wall cupboard with different cubby holes to store items that you need in a hurry. Complete wall organizers with different components allow every member of the family to add to-do notes and dates, keeping everyone organized. These types of organizers work well both in the home office and in the kitchen. To organize items solely needed for kitchen use, consider entertaining shelves with room for barware, glassware and wine bottles, or choose a wall wine rack that helps you easily organize, show and store your favorite bottles of wine. Spice racks and recycling bin baskets also help you organize kitchen items so that they are easily accessible right from your countertop or kitchen cabinets.