Cocktail Glasses

Dazzle guests effortlessly with our enticing range of cocktail glasses for any occasion. Designers such as Scott Zwiesel and Santino make it easy to give evenings a classy edge by bringing these elegant cocktail glasses to you. Whether it’s a Moscow mule that’s being served or a fine martini, these glasses enhance your presentation and make the drinks within them all the more enjoyable. From glasses with all the mystique of Morocco to drink dispensers that set the tone, Pottery Barn has everything that’s needed for a sophisticated soiree. If you’re looking for glasses that are iconic and set to impress, try those that are long stemmed. By keeping lingering hands away from the cocktail itself, long stemmed glasses keep the drink cool, allowing guests to enjoy it for longer.

When it comes to serving classic cocktails that command a refined atmosphere, consider using Library glassware. Featuring the streamlined edges that are reminiscent of rooftop bars and scenes from James Bond movies, such glasses are worthy of holding the finest liquors and expertly crafted cocktails. In order to get the delicate balance of spirits and mixers right, try using bar accessories such as shakers, punch bowls and bar tool sets, all of which come together to help would-be mixologists hone their craft. When it comes to finalizing the look of a well-prepared cocktail, coasters and ice buckets go a long way. From those that are wooden and rustic to cosmopolitan designs with cutting-edge style, we feature a range of accessories to suit all tastes. In order to keep things simple, an old fashioned glass is essential. Designed for building cocktails inside the glass without the use of a shaker, they’re a winning choice for Negronis, Mint Juleps and, of course, an Old Fashioneds.

Outdoor drinks are one of the delights of the summertime season, and we offer a range of outdoor cocktail glasses that’ll add a vibrant edge to barbecues, cookouts and family gatherings. Featuring summery and warm tones, these glasses are great for both laid-back and formal gatherings. Made of durable and classy melamine, our collection of outdoor glasses are impact resistant, which means they’re less likely to shatter in the event of accidents. This makes them a winning choice for picnics, camping and events where little hands may threaten to send them tumbling. Whether they’re filled with a bubbly soda, subtle gin fizz or a towering tequila sunrise, such glasses provide an extra-refreshing kick when topped with crushed ice and embellished with a sugary rim. If punch is on the menu, outdoor drinkware accessories such as pitchers are a must-have. Combined with buckets that hold plenty of ice, they make holding outdoor events simpler.

Impressive parties don’t just come around with little effort; from the menu to the decor, each feature creates an atmosphere guests remember for years to come. As such, choosing the right type of cocktail glass is essential. A casual party that revolves around the nation’s latest sporting event could command the use of our exclusive branded glasses, such as those carrying the NFL logo. With enough room for drinks that look as though they’ll last for hours, these glasses are for generous portions that are set to impress. They also make great personalized gifts. When lots of guests are set to arrive, our larger glassware sets are excellent for ensuring everyone stays refreshed. To make certain everyone’s tastes are catered for, we have a broad glass and barware range, including the dazzling PB Premier collection, which caters to wine and beer lovers alike. Recycled glasses are also available, making it easy to stay eco-conscious while enjoying refreshing drinks.