Kitchen Storage & Organization

Prepare yourself for a clutter-free, organized kitchen where there’s a place for everything and everything’s in it’s place. Get things in order and keep items in good shape longer by sprucing your kitchen storage and organization system. From canisters and towel holders to flatware caddies and dispensers, Pottery Barn offers a wide range of products for kitchen storage and organization. Be amazed at how much countertop and storage space you still have and how more at ease you are in your kitchen once you have everything in order.

Our canisters come in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes and materials. Those accompanied by lids, which have the classic cookie jar look, also work well as storage containers for pasta, coffee, beans, oatmeal and dried spices. With the larger and taller canister types, you have the option of using them as holders for often-needed cooking and serving utensils right on the countertop for easy access. Available designs include glazed finish, clear glass and matte. Your options for canister materials include porcelain, stoneware and melamine.

Some kitchen storage and organization systems are versatile, working as both serveware and bakeware. These multi-purpose pans are made of a traditional terracotta material that gives it the ability to withstand typical oven baking temperatures, ideal for your recipes from streusels to casseroles. With beautiful glaze finishes, these terracotta bakeware and pie dishes look good on the table from straight out of the oven. Rest assured that each of our bakeware and pie dish offerings are phthalate-, BPA-, lead- and latex-free to protect your health.

Dispensers are among the most helpful tools in the kitchen accessories category. For instance, paper towel holders not only help keep paper towels in a handy place, but they also add a decorative element to the kitchen. Soap and lotion dispensers almost leave no room for argument, as they look far more attractive on your sink rather than the bottles soap and lotion typically come in.

Add some spice to your tabletop decor with salt and pepper shakers. Turn these seemingly inconspicuous kitchen items into yet another decorative element. Choose vintage-looking shakers with a cast brass and silver plating for the body and a sterling silver top for a classy, yet still low profile look. Alternatively, make them stand out on the counter with a rotary rack that comes with the salt and pepper shakers. If you are feeling more avant-garde, go for the more contemporary salt and pepper shakers that incorporate acacia wood, marble and natural bone designs.

Organizing your tasks in the kitchen is far easier with some helpful items such as measuring cups and mixing bowls. Even though measuring cups are often functional, they can add a touch of class to your kitchen as well. Prepare your ingredients and spices in attractive measuring cups and see how this simple change makes you feel better when preparing meals for your family. Our measuring cups as well as mixing bowls are available in stoneware or porcelain sets and have either a glazed or matte finish.

When upgrading the look of your kitchen with new storage and organization products, consider the look of the entire kitchen. For instance, a new spice rack looks really attractive on its own, but consider how it complements the other items that are already on your countertop such as your trays and stands. Before you’re finished browsing, enjoy our selection of gravy boats to complement your holiday meals and butter dishes to keep this condiment always within easy reach of eager eaters. We also offer matching cream and sugar bowls as well as attractive trivets to set your piping hot culinary creations on when sitting down for a family meal.