Serving Accessories

Whether it’s Thanksgiving dinner or just an intimate evening with friends, having the right serving accessories on your table can set the mood for the perfect meal. From the butter for your bread to your favorite dips for chips and vegetables, our selection at Pottery Barn includes just the pieces you need to complement any dinnerware, linens or serving dishes you purchase or already own. Many of our serving accessories pair well with both formal and casual table settings.

If you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your buffet, bar or dining room table, a tall triple condiment bowl is an excellent choice. Available in both gold and silver, the serving accessory is made from mango wood, glass, marble and aluminum and is sure complement the presentation of any foods placed on it. Fill it with your three favorite condiments, dips or nuts. On the other end of the spectrum, our natural wood condiment bowls are made from hand-carved acacia wood with a bleached finish and burnt-rim detailing. A peace sign doubles as the divider for the bowl’s four separate compartments.

No meal is complete without a pretty butter dish on the table, and each one in our selection matches practically any style. Made from durable stoneware with a glazed finish, a butter dish meticulously handcrafted by an artisan in Portugal has the look and feel to prove it. Safe for both the microwave and dishwasher, it keeps every stick cool and fresh. For something more elegant, our butter dish from the Great White collection features a slightly oversized dome to enhance its grand appearance. It matches the other pieces in our Great White dinnerware collection, but its neutrality means you can also blend it with your own favorite dinnerware, too. Made from durable porcelain, it even pairs well with antique china.

If you love the look of the Great White collection, you may also want to take a look at the gravy boat. It is shaped like a traditional gravy boat, though slightly larger to appear grander, and is made from durable porcelain with a pure-white glaze. Our other butter dishes and gravy boats have more of a casual appeal, and each is crafted from fine stoneware made in Portugal. Some are made to look as if they are antiques passed down from previous generations.

When planning a holiday meal, you can have a little more fun with your serving accessories. A turkey-shaped gravy boat makes a charming addition to your Thanksgiving family gathering, especially when it is made from handcrafted stoneware and finished with a glaze that reveals each delicate detail. Serving accessories featuring a gourd motif is another must-have for fall, whether you use it every day or just on special occasions.

If it’s a spooky set up for Halloween you desire, our Walking Dead products are certain to delight you. They feature tall, lanky and ghoulish aluminum skeletons with an antique bronze finish. Use the products to serve condiments, dips, candies, nuts and olives throughout October. These pieces will most certainly entertain your guests. For something a little less scary but equally as festive, a copper cauldron serving dish is a must-have for fall and Halloween entertaining. Leave it out on a bar or table, or bring it out just for parties. Either way, the 21-inch cauldron can hold up to 13.75 liters of treats like candy, popcorn, chips and other delicious delights. It is made from copper with a powder coat finish. Just adding one or two pieces of festive holiday serverware can affect the mood of your entire bar or tabletop.