Bar & Counter Stools

Due to today’s hectic lifestyle as well as the demands of work, study and other important tasks, modern families may find it difficult to gather around the kitchen table to eat breakfast together. Savvy parents have discovered that one way to improvise and spend time together as a family in the morning is to make use of a practical countertop. Pottery Barn offers an ample selection of elegant and functional stools that add a cheery atmosphere to the room, provide comfortable seating, and enhance the dining area throughout the day. This allows our customers to entertain friends in an inviting space, or dine with loved ones while talking enthusiastically.

Our Isabella Barstool features distinctive curves, natural hardwood, and warm tones that pique one’s curiosity and enliven the morning. Available in Antique White, Black, Mahogany, or Tuscan Chestnut finishes, this exquisite piece combines easily with existing dining room furniture while adding its own special flair. If you find that your family is still pressed for time, having an entryway organizer can go a long way to minimizing the amount of time needed to get on the road. Looking for a backless barstool to better fit your design vision? Our Napoleon® Backless Barstool crafted from solid hardwood and is stained, sanded, and glazed by hand to ensure matchless quality and trendy innovation. This stool also features an elegant woven rush seat for comfort and grace. To effortlessly harmonize your entire dining room, selecting pieces from a collection makes designing simple. And don’t forget to use glassware that reflects your home’s personality and creates a relaxing feel, allowing family or friends to laugh and enjoy meals together.