Buffets & Cabinets

No dining area would truly be complete without a classy and attractive buffet or stylish cabinets. Pottery Barn’s buffets and cabinets are essential because they add valuable storage space to showcase elegant serveware and glassware and provide detailed contours and warm wood tones that elevate and enhance the room. Richly colored surfaces provide space for floral arrangements and photographs of loved ones or make a great place to highlight tasty offerings in refined white serving bowls, chilled champagne for special occasions or a reflective tray with snacks for informal gatherings with friends.

Our Tucker Buffet & Hutch features four spacious drawers for ready storage of utensils, cloth napkins, dining accessories, table coverings and more. Four cabinets with adjustable shelves are protected by tempered-glass doors that add matchless beauty and a translucent luster to the piece while letting you show off plates and wine glasses. This piece is available in black or attractive mahogany. Wall mirrors combine perfectly with an open buffet to accentuate serving items or decor and create a spacious, open feel in the dining room while providing stunning illumination. Whether you enjoy collecting wine as a hobby or just want to provide your guests with the best vintages during memorable occasions, a classic wine cabinet is a sophisticated way to keep both aged bottles and shapely wine glasses on hand. Visually stunning at the same time, the Modular Wine System With 1 Wine Hutch & 1 Open Hutch contains ample space for storage, visually impressive wine grids and racks for hanging glasses while adding unforgettable refinement and a classy ambience to the home.