Chairs and Ottomans

Chairs and ottomans add comfort and visual interest to your living space. Check out our wide range of armchairs to find seating that speaks to your leisure-time sensibilities. Adorn a formal living room with upholstered accent chairs that provide additional guest seating while also dressing up your room, or opt for a leather recliner to give yourself a luxurious seating option. In our upholstered collection, you also have the option of getting slipcovered chairs, which makes cleaning easier and lets you switch up your style from time to time. Both upholstered and slipcovered chairs come in our performance fabrics such as sturdy twill and soft fabric.

Living room chairs paired with matching ottomans create a cohesive look, while side and accent tables add even more functionality and style to the room. A comfortable chair with a well-placed lamp creates a cozy reading nook, or arrange a combination of seating to facilitate conversation while entertaining. Complete the look of your living room with sleek, sophisticated accent sofas, and keep plenty of throw pillows and blankets on hand to help you relax and stay warm on a chilly evening. Ottomans provide comfortable leg rests, or they can double as a table or additional seating when you want a more versatile room. Learn how to create a relaxing space that friends and family will appreciate with ideas from our design studio.