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Wall Shelves

The right decorations can turn a blank wall into a work of art, and wall shelves help you take your artistic side even further by letting you incorporate freestanding pieces like figurines, small framed photos or colorful vases into your decor without setting them on a table or stand where kids and pets may accidentally knock them over. Display your shelves and ledges alongside other decorative pieces like clocks, paintings or mirrors, and then load the shelves or ledges with your favorite collectibles, a selection of beloved books or small baskets filled with tiny treasures. Shelves also provide a convenient and creative way to quickly decorate for special occasions like holidays and birthdays because you can switch out the ornaments in your shelved vignettes with themed pieces for different occasions.

Pottery Barn offers wall shelves and picture ledges that enhance the appearance of the walls in any room in your house, from the entryway to the living room and even the kitchen and bathroom. Add a shelf that does double service as rack for wine bottles and a holder for glassware in your kitchen. Display a treasured shell collection in the bathroom alongside folded washcloths, or leave out some scented lotions and soaps for guests. Make visitors feel welcome and family members feel at home from the moment they walk in the door by using shelving to decorate your home’s entryway with items like friendly plaques with welcoming messages and family pictures.

Remember your home office when choosing display shelves too, because an office that feels like home and that you are proud of can be an inspiration when you’re working on a hard project or studying an important subject. Install a set of our shelves near your desk and load it with books and office supplies you need for work. Or, mount a single decorative shelf where you can easily see it from your desk, and then display photos of loved ones, mementos from a vacation or anything that gives you happiness so you can see the shelf and its contents every time you take a seat at your desk.

We offer many pieces of furniture that work with our selection of shelves and wall-mounted ledges so you can easily create the polished, finished look you love in your home. Whether your taste leans toward the classic side of spectrum or the modern, playful side, you can choose from our selection of benches, trunks and cubes to find the ideal piece that matches your shelves and the rest of your furniture, creating a comfortable and awe-inspiring look.