End of Bed

In a well-coordinated bedroom, the space at the foot of the bed is rarely empty. Instead, there’s often a cozy bench or charmingly rustic trunk nestled in that location, available to serve as additional seating or as storage for a collection of warm blankets for unexpectedly frosty nights. Pottery Barn offers a range of different options for end of bed furniture, from storage tables and trunks to benches and stools. Maximize your bedroom space and convert the area at the end of your bed from wasted space into something much more useful.

Among our end of bed furniture options are a selection of different benches, including storage bench models that offer the best of both worlds, offering a comfortable place to sit along with a handy compartment for you to stow extra bedroom materials such as blankets or out-of-season clothing. These benches are available in a variety of styles, from classically elegant tufted models to benches with a more modern or rustic feel. For smaller bedrooms, select one of our many stools, whether it’s a simple x-frame leather model or one made with faux fur upholstery.

Options for end of bed storage furniture reflects the same range of styles found among our end of bed benches. We offer sleek metal-and-wood storage chests for bedrooms with a modern design. For formal bedrooms with a classical approach, our generously proportioned and beautifully designed wooden trunks may provide just the solution to end of bed storage needs.