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Bar carts are versatile accessories that can take a well-appointed home from the ordinary to the extraordinary. From the living room to the dining room and even your bedroom or home office, Pottery Barn’s bar carts are useful for much more than just displaying your favorite liquors and glassware. These sleek, mobile furniture pieces can provide much-needed storage and display space in any part of the house, and thanks to their functional wheels, you can easily scoot them in and out of place as you refresh your furniture configuration. This is an interior decor trend you can get in on even if you don’t keep liquor in the house. Instead, use our bar carts to display plants or decorative objects, hold crafting supplies or serve as accent tables in an outdoor lounge area.

If you do choose to use them for their namesake purpose, our bar carts will fit in well with our furniture collections, from our dining room tables to our plush upholstered sofas. You can keep your cart in a fixed location or move it around to whatever part of the house is the center of your entertaining efforts, whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a movie night on the couch or a formal holiday meal in the dining room. Your hand-mixed cocktails will feel a little more glamorous when served up from a chic, retro-classic bar cart. To arrange liquor on the cart, fill each level with different bottles or concentrate your bottles on one level while you fill the other one with glassware and barware such as a cocktail shaker and ice bucket.

Of course, life isn’t all parties and cocktail sipping, and our bar carts can help make life easier when you’re on the clock at home. Supplement your home office storage with a bar cart to bring some good design and a little flash of glam into the room. Use it to organize your supplies or even provide space for a small printer. Thanks to their efficiently functional design, our bar carts can help you balance form and function in a room that may benefit well from a bit of luxury.

The luxurious sense of glamour that bar carts can impart works very well in the bedroom, too. You can create a classically romantic retreat by using our bar carts in place of bedside tables or tuck a cart into a corner of the room to hold a vase of fresh flowers and some candles. There are so many different decorating and storage possibilities to discover with our bar carts. Let your creativity run wild and see where you can go.