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Bookcases & Storage Shelves

A bookcase or storage shelf is more than a place to display your favorite books and most beautiful collectibles; it also plays a role in keeping your home neat and organized. Because every room is different, and each person has his or her own personal preferences, Pottery Barn offers a wide variety of bookcase and shelving types to suit your family’s different needs. From large wall units to dresser-sized bookcases and even portable rolling carts that do double duty as shelving units, our bookcases and shelves are durable and functional pieces that add just the right blend of beauty and function to your home office or any room in your living space.

While our bookcases are great for organizing and presenting treasured items in a decorative manner, you might also need a place to store small items and documents out of sight. This is where our line of file cabinets and storage units gets really useful. Set up a filing cabinet in a corner of a bedroom or hallway where it’s easily accessible but out of the way, or use its top surface as a place to put a vase of flowers or to rest your cell phone while it charges. Larger storage cabinets and lateral cabinets require a wider area of floor space, but they also provide bigger, deeper drawers for storing anything you can imagine and a larger top surface for displaying decorative curios.

Match other pieces from our home office collection to your bookcase or storage shelves to create a unified theme when decorating your office. Position the shelving unit or bookcase within easy reach of your desk and chair so you can grab what you need from the shelves without losing time getting up and crossing the room. Choose a sturdy, comfortable desk made from the same material as your bookcase and complete the look of the room with plenty of books, mirrors and a plush rug.

Your den, study and family room are also spaces where one of our bookcases can add a tailored touch of usefulness and design drama. Place some comfortable reading chairs and a bright lamp near a bookcase in your den so you can pull out your favorite book and curl up in a soft chair. Or, put your shelves on the wall near your Read More