Sofas & Loveseats




Few things are as popular or as sought after as leather. Its inherent beauty, softness, comfort and inviting qualities make it a preferred material for everything from trendy gloves to seat covers used in the most exclusive automobiles. At Pottery Barn we make abundant use of this versatile and stunning material to create elegant pieces of furniture in countless styles and models, from comfy sofas and sectionals to sophisticated armchairs and recliners, soft ottomans to luxurious chaises. Enhance your living space’s decor with one of these magnificent pieces, and see for yourself why leather adds such an incomparably intimate and inviting ambience to the home. Accent tables with a dark finish make great accompaniments, and give you space to decorate with soothing lamps.

Leather chairs and a richly toned pool table create a sophisticated air in a home’s game room, while large leather sectionals allow the whole family to enjoy recreation together, whether playing or just kicking back and watching a new movie or a favorite TV series. Many of our customers have discovered that their leather sectional has quickly become their favorite space in the home. Make sure to have some snack bowls on hand for kids, and adults.