Dining Room & Kitchen

Working with a small space doesn’t have to mean you’re out of luck when it comes to good design. Pottery Barn offers a variety of options for small dining areas, whether they’re small breakfast nooks in a kitchen or a separate dining room that is modest in scope. From formal tables to casual bar sets, we have just what you need to set up a stylish dining area with limited space available.

Our options for small space dining furniture includes tables in a variety of difference shapes and sizes, including some extendable tables that are perfect for households with just a few permanent residents but a frequent need to accommodate more guests around the table. We offer a variety of different styles of chairs and barstools as well, many of which are comfortable while still using efficient design to fit in well in a smaller space. Choose from chairs in materials such as wood, metal and seagrass.

Finally, if storage is a challenge in your small space, consider some of our compact storage furniture such as small bar carts, cabinet and shelving towers, and seating banquettes with added storage compartments to help maximize the space usage in your cozy kitchen nook or dining room. Don’t let a small space discourage you from thinking that a well-designed and comfortable dining area is within your reach. By selecting just a few of our smaller pieces, you can set up the dining area of your dreams.