String Lights & Lit Decor


Never underestimate the power of lighting when setting the mood for a party or gathering. Whether indoors or out, twinkling lights add ambience to an intimate setting, inviting guests to relax and enjoy pleasant conversation. Our lighting collection offers many options for soft, glowing light including lanterns and other decorative lamps that help make your home shine.

For a rustic summer party, decorate with Hanging Mason Jar lanterns filled with sand and lit with candles. Hung among the trees, they almost look like fireflies blinking in and out in the night sky. The Darien Filigree Lantern features cutout displays that cast beautiful shadows on a deck or patio, entertaining guests at an outdoor dinner party.

The Malta Lantern looks beautiful outdoors or in and makes for a dramatic centerpiece on a dining room table. Fill it with multiple candles and allow it to brighten a small room all on its own, and enjoy the warmth its cast bronze frame casts indoors even when unlit.

To add year-round sparkle to your backyard, consider adding Pottery Barn string lights to the deck or patio. Holiday lights help celebrate the season, but some lights, like the Cafe String Lights, are suitable for year-round use. Light up the night and entertain friends long after the sun goes down.