Outdoor Accent Tables

Outdoor living spaces are soothing to look at and even more soothing to relax in. The organic feel of the outdoors combined with attractive furnishings makes us want to pour a beverage, sit down and enjoy both nature and the space. Best of all, outdoor living spaces bring us together, where we are sure to make new memories. Outdoor accent tables are highly versatile pieces that have the ability to create a big impact and increase our comfort. Whether it’s a brightly colored ceramic table that we rest our iced drink on, or a durable round wicker coffee table that makes us feel like we’re vacationing in a Caribbean resort, accent tables have the ability to pull the space together and set the mood.

Pairing an a round wicker coffee table with a wicker sectional sofa looks both polished and organic. Adding some brightly colored throw pillows provides splashes of color, and an outdoor rug defines the space and gives you the perfect place to rest your bare feet while visiting with friends and family. Outdoor curtains both soften and define the space.

Outdoor coffee tables with wood bases and concrete or stone tops provide a rugged and durable look. These pieces ground the space and can be used outdoors or indoors. They pair beautifully with any type of furniture. Placing hurricane vases with hurricane candles and a outdoor plant on the table enhances the lived in look and the comfort of the space. For the ultimate lived in look, consider adding an outdoor chandelier. Outdoor chandeliers are both luxurious and tell the world this space is to be lived in. Your friends and family are sure to love this outdoor living room and you’re certain to make many wonderful memories together.

Metal drum accent tables, also referred to as rain drums, have existed in Asian cultures for centuries. These rustic tables add a sense of history and culture to your outdoor living space. They serve as both end tables and accent tables. Pair two or three together to create a coffee table that’s also a focal piece. Alternatively pair the table next to a lounge chair and a Pottery Barn outdoor umbrella. Now all that’s left to do is sink into your lounge chair and enjoy your new seating arrangement.

Outdoor buffet hutches are both beautiful and functional. Use them to store outdoor dinnerware, drinks and as a place to serve your world famous potato salad. If you’re having a evening party, consider placing some lanterns holding hurricane candles on top of the table. The burnished glow from the candles enhances the evening’s ambience.

An entertaining storage console that has a recessed ice bucket allows you to both store your drinks and to keep them cold. Cupboard doors keep your dishware and drinkware clean and free of debris. Adjustable shelves and wine glass holders allow you to maximize your storage. With ice cold drinks readily available, this is sure to be a gathering spot for lively conversation and laughter.

When choosing wood outdoor accent tables, selecting furniture that has a protective oil finish extends the beauty of the natural wood. However, over time it will develop some silver-gray coloring. This does not affect the durability of the natural wood and is purely aesthetic. To revive the color, you may apply deck stain to the wood after sanding it and cleaning it. Wood furniture should be placed indoors prior to inclement weather. Furniture that is not wood can usually stay outdoors if it is covered with furniture covers prior to inclement weather. It’s important to make sure the furniture is dry before covering it and cushions should be removed and stored indoors.