Console Tables

You’ve worked hard to get your patio and backyard just the way you want it, from the lounge furniture right down to your planters and other outdoor accessories. Often when it comes to decorating, it’s the little things that really count, as they are the accent pieces that help to pull an overall design together. Exterior spaces are no exception to this rule, so whether you’ve got a backyard patio, beachside veranda or cottage deck, adding a few pieces of accent furniture, such as an outdoor console table, can go a long way in giving your decor a polished touch.

No matter what kind of outdoor space you have, when the sun is shining during warm weather months, it’s often difficult to spend too much time indoors. Not only does Pottery Barn have a range of outdoor lounge furniture to help you add a bit of luxurious comfort to your exterior space, but we’ve also got the accent pieces to give you stylish convenience as well, like our all-weather console table. This console doesn’t just look great when paired with an outdoor furniture collection, but it’s an entertaining essential as well. Ideal for holding drinks, mixes and appetizers, the synthetic wicker design is weather resistant, so it can be left outside all year round, if desired.

When hosting a party outside, the last thing any host wants to be doing the entire time is running in and out of the house fetching glasses and other drinkware. An outdoor console table is a perfect and simple solution to this common plight. The top section of the console features a deep well, which is an ideal way to store and secure bottles and other breakables, and it also lets guests see what kind of drinks are available so they can help themselves. Use the bottom shelf below to hold other party necessities, such as plates, barware and jugs. Outdoor console tables provide busy hosts with the chance to wind down with guests and enjoy the party. After all, isn’t having fun the whole point of entertaining?

Our all-weather outdoor console table isn’t just designed to withstand the elements. It’s also a great accent piece for a range of styles, whether rustic, chic or traditional. The wicker-inspired design pairs well with many of our dining sets, so you don’t have to forfeit a uniform design for functionality. You can also use an outdoor console table as additional space for a large dinner party, placing it next to the table and using it to hold condiments and other mealtime essentials.