Outdoor Bars & Buffet Tables

One of the best parts of looking forward to mild and temperate weather is the ability to entertain and cook outdoors. Having an outdoor party in the spring and summer is satisfying for all involved, including the host. Well before the party arrives, it’s time to start readying your back deck, patio or porch for the anticipated guests. There’s no better time than the present to think about outdoor lighting, chairs, tables and other furniture to prepare for outdoor entertaining. What’s terrific for both you and your guests is having outdoor furniture that suits the mood of the occasion. Look for a myriad of outdoor bars and buffets from Pottery Barn to set the tone for a fun-filled gala, family get-togethers and summer barbecues and picnics on the lawn.

Choose from our collection of solid and durable outdoor buffet and bars that withstand the elements. A sturdy buffet made of solid mahogany, for example, adds a classic touch to your outdoor set, while remaining functional and useful. In the case that your patio or deck has uneven flooring, look for a buffet that has included levelers. Slide these easily into place so that your buffet doesn’t rock or slide, and is just as solid as your indoor dining furniture.

Also opt for outdoor furniture that offers you plenty of usable space, with room for your outdoor dinnerware. An upright storage unit is the solution, especially with that same solid mahogany construction. This unit has more of a bar-type feel, with room for cocktail glasses and a kitchen prep area. A durable upright storage unit allows you ample room to chill wine and prep foods. Cut lemons for your cocktails or onions to grill for your burgers. An entertaining storage console is versatile enough for a variety of uses, making your patio comfortable and relaxing.

If mobility is of the utmost importance to you, look for a buffet with wheels, which allows you to move it for different occasions and functions. Use it yourself on a daily basis to store glassware and everyday accessories, or wheel it to a location where guests can easily fix their own drinks, reach for supplies or prepare food. If your patio or deck is on the smaller side, a small wicker bar console may be a great fit for entertaining outdoors. This small unit provides you with exactly the room you need to prep a small amount of drinks or food for some fun in the sun.