Outdoor Dining Chairs

One of the advantages of purchasing separate outdoor furniture such as dining chairs and tables, as opposed to purchasing them as a set is that doing so affords you the option of making additional tweaks to the overall look of your outdoor space. Outdoor dining chairs come in a wide range of designs that can have varying effects in combination with other furniture pieces, including dining tables, coffee tables and accent decor. In other design schemes, just the dining chairs themselves make for a chic addition to patios, lawns and gardens.

Pottery Barn offers a fine selection of outdoor dining chairs in different shapes, colors and sizes, and in various materials such as wood, wicker, aluminum and steel. Our wood dining chairs are offered in teak, mahogany and eucalyptus. Choose teak if you plan on using it in outdoor areas where there is minimal protection as its high content of naturally occurring oils, as well as its density helps it withstand the elements. Teak also takes on an even more attractive surface when it starts showing signs of natural wear. Mahogany and eucalyptus on the other hand, are also durable and have a distinctive dark reddish tone that remains even after years of wear.

Wicker is another favorite when it comes to outdoor chairs and furniture from dining sets, sofas, sectionals, chaises to lounge chairs. The creativity of wicker furniture artisans allows for a large diversity in styles, which means there is a wicker furniture out there that is just right for your taste. Our all-weather wicker outdoor dining chairs come in several colors including white, red, brown and black, and in styles such as side chairs, arm chairs, roll arm and stacking chairs. The wicker material is Ecolene, which replicates the feel and texture of natural wicker but is highly resistant to sunlight, heat, moisture and cold.

Most of our outdoor dining chairs incorporate metal material in some form in their design. All-metal dining chairs, however, are also available and it is the right choice for you if you prefer a more minimalist look to your outdoor space. Metal chairs are also long lasting while requiring very minimal maintenance. The material is especially stylish in a bar type outdoor design theme with dining chairs in bar stool designs. The hard seat on metal chairs is also manageable with removable furniture cushions, with cushion choices also available for wood and wicker outdoor dining seats.