Outdoor Dining Tables

Being outside has an irresistible allure when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, doesn’t it? Almost everything seems better under the open sky, from reading a good book to dining with family and friends. Whether your preferred space is a beach house, a cabin or your own backyard, Pottery Barn has a variety of outdoor dining tables to help you bring a bit of polished elegance to your outside meals.

Almost everyone has experienced one of those patio or picnic tables that wobbles when you sit down at it, no matter how even the surface underneath may be. Fortunately, wobbling isn’t the standard when it comes to our outdoor dining tables. Our outdoor tables are built not only for style and comfort, but functional durability as well. Made from a variety of solid woods, such as mahogany, acacia and teak, they are crafted to endure a life outside during warm weather months. And we also have a great selection of custom as well as universal weather-proof heavy duty covers to get your outdoor dining furniture through the wetter and colder months. Many of our tables also have fitted center slots to accommodate our patio umbrellas, so you don’t need to worry about the sun or a few drops of rain spoiling the party.

Guest lists sometimes have a way of growing, which is why we also have a few extending outdoor dining tables to provide extra space for any additional guests and food. Our selection of extending dining tables feature convenient under-the-top storage of extensions, so lengthening the table doesn’t need to be a chore. Now even more guests can comfortably pull up a chair and toast the chef.

Whether your patio space is limited or you’re on the lookout for some more casual outdoor dining options, one of our round dining tables may just be the solution you’re after. Great for cocktails or as an intimate place to enjoy tea and dessert, a round table is also an ideal way to create additional dining space when needed. You can make the round dining tables even more cozy and inviting by adding a few outdoor pillows to the area.

If inclement weather is common where you live, you might want to consider an outdoor dining table that’s a little more suited to the ups and downs of the elements. Our collection of Abbott dining tables is one way to bring contemporary charm to your patio while also providing a bit of assurance when it comes to maximum weather resistance. The surface of these chic tables, which are either rectangular or round, is made of durable, sealed concrete for a boost of climate protection.