Outdoor Furniture Cushions & Covers

From urban penthouse decks to countryside cabin lawns, having space for outdoor furniture is a major asset. There are times, though, when using that furniture isn’t in the cards, either because a cold and rainy season sets in or you won’t be around to enjoy your outdoor setup. Pottery Barn’s outdoor furniture cushions and covers provide resources for both ends of the spectrum, whether you need something cushy to make your furniture even more enjoyable or you want to wrap it up and keep it protected from the elements during its time off of duty. With specially crafted options that fit our outdoor furniture pieces with perfect precision and universal selections that anyone can take advantage of, this product category adds an element of versatility and protection to your outdoor furniture.

Our custom-fit premium outdoor furniture covers are a must-have accessory to match with our outdoor furniture collections. From selections to use with your bistro tables to benches and umbrellas, we offer tailor-made outdoor furniture covers that match. Use these covers seasonally or use an extra-cautious approach, keeping your furniture covered whenever it’s not in use. Thick and durable, these covers use a blend of waterproof materials with the added bonus of UV fade resistance to ensure longevity and continued usefulness no matter what mother nature throws at you. These custom furniture covers add a protective barrier to our outdoor furniture collection pieces for better peace of mind at any time of year.

If you have outdoor furniture that’s not included in our current selection of options, you can still take advantage of our high-quality approach to cover protection. Our universal outdoor furniture covers use thick synthetic materials to create a durable, waterproof barrier between harsh weather conditions and your lovely lounge and dining furniture. Thoughtful details such as air vents enhance the full-spectrum protection our universal covers provide.

During those lovely times when your outdoor furniture is in use, it pays to have colorful, soft cushions in place to maximize comfort and style. Our outdoor dining cushion selections include options for dining chairs and bistro chairs. You can choose from options specially made for our furniture collections or select a choice that works best for pieces that aren’t in our current collections. Other options in this section include cushion covers and replacement cushions so you can switch out your covers to suit your changing color moods and replace interior cushions to keep your furniture feeling fresh and plush. From stripes in subtle colors to bright solids, we have plenty of style options to choose from as well.

We have enough options to enable a mix-and-match approach with different colors and patterns across your different outdoor furniture pieces, but if you prefer to keep things uniform, we’ve got you covered there too. Our outdoor lounge furniture cushions, like our outdoor dining furniture cushions, come in a range of sizes and colors with options that include standalone covers and interior cushion replacements. And when the time comes to store your furniture, you can look into our outdoor furniture cover section to find special cushion cover bags that provide protective storage for the cushions themselves.

Whether your outdoor furniture is made from wood or wicker, protection and cushioning elements are important means of ensuring long-term enjoyment and ultimate comfort during your outdoor time. From reading a book on your own in the sun to entertaining a large party of close friends and relatives, our outdoor furniture accessories keep everyone happy while also maintaining a sleek, polished look among the furniture pieces themselves. Keep your outdoor furniture looking like new with our outdoor furniture covers, and don’t forget to wrap up your comfy cushions too.