Outdoor Dining Furniture Cushions

Close your eyes and take a few moments to imagine yourself relaxing beneath the summer sun. What do you see? If you picture yourself on some cozy lounge furniture, chances are you also imagined that the furniture has cushions, right? That’s because lounge furniture and cushions go hand-in-hand and, in order to get the maximum comfort from your outdoor furniture, having the right cushions is a must. At Pottery Barn we have a variety of cushions for your outdoor dining furniture and lounge chairs, so you can add both color and comfort to your special space under the sun.

No matter how diligently you might care for your outdoor accessories, there are going to be occasions when your cushions get wet. Dealing with the elements is just one of the inescapable factors that come with having outdoor furniture. Life’s too short to worry about a little water, though, which is why our outdoor dining furniture cushions are made to resist mildew. Many of our cushions likewise feature water-repellant fabric to resist surface wetting, which is not only ideal for rain showers, but also for those times when you just want to relax after getting out of the pool. Designed for quick drying as well, there’s no need to worry about cushions staying wet for extended periods of time.

Popping open a colorful patio umbrella is a great way to give yourself a little shade when the sun’s burning hot, but an umbrella can’t protect everything outside. Rest assured knowing that many of our outdoor dining cushions are also resistant to fading, so those vibrant, crisp colors you love last for years, even in the sun. Choose from a range of bold solid colors, like buttercup, emerald or terra cotta, or go for one of our striped patterns and then just focus on enjoying the comfort of your cushions rather than worrying about ways to keep them looking fresh. Many cushions also feature stain-resistant fabric, so your outdoor dining chairs are just as comfortable and inviting as all of your other lounge furniture.

When the time comes to replace your outdoor furniture cushions, we’ve got you covered. Just choose the replacement cushion you need for a specific piece of furniture and then continue to enjoy the comforts of your patio. Made-to-order, our replacement cushions are also water-repellant and fade-resistant. If you’d like to bring a touch of added luxury, color or support to your patio furniture, have a look at some of our cozy outdoor pillows as well.