Outdoor Dining Furniture Cushions

An important part of being outside is being able to relax. And to do that, you need to feel as comfortable as possible. The right ambience helps a lot. Soothing wood furniture, a gentle breeze and even the sounds of nearby birds all help reduce stress and put a big smile on your face. Supersoft cushions make outdoor furniture extremely welcoming and comfy. They’re also a great way to personalize your home’s exterior decor. Pottery Barn’s outdoor dining cushions fit different kinds of dining area seating – from a traditional rectangular table layout to a more informal bistro table and chairs – and combine well with whatever design style you envision for patio or balcony. Here are a few decorative possibilities.

Looking to keep your dining area fresh? Classic white cushions are never a wrong choice. They’re bright and energetic. White is an especially great option near pools or on a high-rise balcony overlooking the skyline. It forms a striking contrast with dark metal, wood or wicker chairs, balancing them out and capturing attention right away. And let’s face it, nothing says tropical getaway quite like a Pina colada and a cozy white chair or chaise.

Of course, the outdoors also inspires many to express themselves with vibrant colors. And that’s natural considering that everything around you, from trees and flowers to brightly-patterned birds, is full of intense hues. Feel free to make your own backyard dining area come alive with colorful cushions. There are neutrals, deep tones and vivid options like emerald or Aruba.

What makes our cushions so comfy and practical for you and your guests? For one thing, they’re just the right mix of firm and gentle. Thick polyester fill is a treat to the senses. You also want something that’s easy to take care of. Quick drying cushions let the party start whenever you want, no matter what the weather has been like. Acrylic Sunbrella covers are resistant to moisture, mildew, stains, chlorine and fading, so they stay beautiful for a long time. That’s a big help for families with small children too.

Striped cushions bring some international flair to your outdoor space. Enjoy a breakfast of fresh fruit – maybe with a rose too – at a Mediterranean-inspired bistro table with tufted seating. Striped cushions make you feel like you’re on a stone terrace, sipping a cup of coffee with the sunrise. Colors like blue ink, Fresca blue and stone add to a nautical design.

Enjoy a spa dining atmosphere with calming natural tones. Light greens, browns and other neutral colors mix well with shade trees, wood and gardens. That way you have your own space for quiet reflection when you need it, and happy moments with loved ones too.