Outdoor Lounge Furniture Cushions

Outdoor lounge furniture cushions are instrumental in making outdoor furniture pieces more functional as well as more decorative. While your outdoor chairs, chaises, ottomans or any other seating furniture may already look great, these soft and plush furniture add-ons make them more comfortable and inviting, thus allowing you, your family and guests to enjoy lounging about your outdoor space even more. More than just making you comfortable, outdoor lounge furniture cushions also add a decorative element to your outdoor setup. Since they come in different shapes, sizes and colors, the cushions also afford you the ability to transform the look of your outdoor space by simply switching up the cushions.

Pottery Barn offers a wide selection of outdoor lounge furniture cushions for sofas, chaises, love seats, ottomans and other outdoor lounge seating. Some of our cushions are collection specific, which is a great addition or replacement if you already have the furniture collection. Rather than overwhelm the look of your outdoor lounge furniture, our cushions do not have bold designs that are too loud. Since they are available only in solid colors or with striped patterns, the cushions serve to complement or even enhance the design of your outdoor furniture.

Our outdoor lounge furniture cushions are available in two basic types, which are plain or tufted. There are also variations in the design of the cushions including piping details and removable covers in some of our offerings. It is hard to miss with cushions in a solid color regardless if your outdoor lounge seating is made of solid wood, wicker or metal. However, you can also go with our outdoor cushions with stripe patterns if you wish to liven up the look of your outdoor space with a bold cushion design that jumps right at you. If you plan on using outdoor pillows along with the cushions, pick a colors in your pillows that go well with your cushion hues for a unified look, or mix and match colors if bright, bold or eclectic is more your style.

Our outdoor lounge furniture cushions are available in sizes that fit single and double standard chaise, occasional chairs, sofas, love seats and sectional chairs. Smaller cushions are also available for dining furniture chairs. The fabric on the cushions, both on non-removable and removable slipcover types, are of a water- and stain-resistant polyester, which also helps the cushion withstand the outdoor elements. You can also extend the life of the cushions and slipcovers by keeping them free of dirt and foliage, and by keeping them indoors or covered with our outdoor furniture covers during inclement weather.