Patterned & Embroidered Outdoor Pillows

Patterned and embroidered pillows are one of the most versatile forms of decor. They can make a space more formal, more casual, add a pop of color or a sense of serenity. That versatility extends to patterned and embroidered outdoor pillows as well. A pale grey pillow with white print placed against a white outdoor lounge chair whispers that this place is serene. A pacific blue pillow placed against the same chair makes you feel like you’re at a tropical location and the waitress is going to stop by any minute to take our order. A white pillow with black monogrammed letters leaves you feeling like you’re at a posh resort.

Transform your outdoor living space by updating your outdoor pillows. Pairing printed pillows with solids is a wonderful way to create a relaxed look that gives the space an inviting lived in appearance. Grouping solid pillows together provides a monochromatic look that’s soothing to the eyes. To update your outdoor living space even more, how about adding some candles? Large hurricane candles placed in hurricane candle holders offer a luminous glow and provide a serene ambience. Consider mercury finished candle holders for added warmth. Flameless candles are perfect for spaces that are sometimes unattended or where little ones are at play. Another striking accessory to complement your outdoor pillows is string lights. String lights look stunning at night and offer a sense of magical wonder. Wind them around trees, string several above the outdoor living space or hang them along a gazebo or trellis. The twinkle of the lights against the backdrop of the dark sky is sure to provide you with many enchanting evenings. A Pottery Barn patio umbrella placed next to a lounge chair holding a comfy outdoor pillow entices you to sink into the chair and only get up to refill your cocktail.

Outdoor pillows also make excellent gifts. Have an upcoming housewarming party to attend? Outdoor pillows combined with a potted plant are sure to add a personal touch to the new homeowners’ abode. Or how about giving them monogrammed throw pillows and a monogrammed doormat for an added sense of refinement?

Bring the outdoors inside. Outdoor throw pillows look great inside. Updating a sofa with some monogrammed pillows offers a sense of polish. A decorative lumbar pillow provides more comfort to that special armchair. How about a couple of brightly colored pillows to add a pop of color to your bed? Or add sumptuous honeycomb faux fiber pillows to a special reading chair for the perfect place to snuggle up with a good book.