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Rugs & Doormats

Practical, functional and designed to keep dirt and soil outside, doormats can also be stylish and personalized to add a special touch to your home’s entryway. Other exterior floor coverings such as accent rugs serve a more decorative purpose, giving a patio, poolside or stone terrace a sophisticated Mediterranean look that enhances and invigorates the entire space. Pottery Barn provides matchless-quality outdoor rugs and doormats to cater to your needs and simplify making your home as beautiful as possible.

Several styles of doormats are ideal for welcoming guests into the home or for greeting you affectionately after a long workday. Our Mr. and Mrs. Doormat can be monogrammed to create a personalized look at your front door that immediately sets your home apart. Other doormats feature attractive geometric shapes perfect for front doors, garage entryways and patio entrances. All pieces are thickly woven and highly durable. To add an intimate feel and additional touches of exquisite color to an outdoor furniture arrangement, our accent rugs are beautiful and inviting. Abstract shapes mix with soothing tones to create pieces that are both artistic and comfortable. Woven textures and rustic fringes make guests feel comfortable, allow your family to take off their shoes and spend some quality time together and provide a warming sensation while eating breakfast on the patio. Calmly sipping a cup of coffee or tea seated at a cheery dining table adorned with simple decorations is a great way to get the day started. And serving breakfast, whether just for one or for a special someone, on a brilliant reflective tray imparts elegance and grace.