Pool Storage

Having a pool in your back yard provides a ton of great advantages, starting with the simple fact that you don’t have to travel to enjoy a refreshing dip in the water on a hot day. Pottery Barn’s pool storage accessories are the icing on the cake. Use these shelves, storage boxes and other accessories to make your pool area organized, stylish and functional. Whether you have kids’ pool toys or adult-sized floats and goggles to wrangle, our pool-storage accessories make life by the water much easier. From functional decor to post-swim showers, you can choose the items you need to complete your poolside setup.

Towel storage is always a relevant poolside concern, even when your house is just steps away. Our pool-storage selections include plenty of towel-storage options, from hook hangers to wire mesh shelves that provide airflow to keep towels dry. Use these hooks and shelves for towels, blankets and anything else you need to make your poolside activities more comfortable and enjoyable. You can even store pool tools like skimmer poles on these hooks for a complete organization setup. From sturdy hooks for hanging toys, tools and towels to shelves offering even more organization opportunities, our selection of pool-storage accessories has a perfectly open and airy look that’s just right for any cabana arrangement.

This stylish look makes it easy to coordinate outdoor lounge furniture with our pool storage items so your furniture, decor and storage arrangement remains cohesive. No matter what size your pool is, having a comfortable chaise lounge or a set of couches and armchairs increases your pool’s functionality as a social hub. Parents can lounge in seats while kids splash away in the water for a balance of supervision and relaxation that lets everyone have a good time. The right lounge furniture and storage items make it easy to throw poolside birthday parties and summer barbecue gatherings for large crowds. With ample hooks and storage areas on hand, your guests can hang up towels and stow bags without worrying about misplacing anything or getting their dry goods wet.

To really enhance your poolside area, consider adding umbrellas, cushions and curtains in our Sunbrella® fabrics. With the fabric’s water-repelling and stain-resisting powers, these upholstered items are just right for poolside comfort. Use a Sunbrella® curtain to enclose your pool in privacy or create a cabana-like effect for your couches. Add Sunbrella®-covered cushions to your poolside chaise lounges so you can get out of the water and lie out in the sun without worrying about dampening the upholstery. Whether you’ve got kids enjoying a post-swim meal or adults having a little tipple of summer sangria in the sun, your poolside Sunbrella® selections stay fresh and bright under any conditions.

Add other outdoor items to your poolside accessory collection to make the area as comfortable as possible. From shatterproof outdoor cups and plates to decorative objects and garden planters, you can enhance an already amazing amenity. Create privacy with tall planters, add comfort with accent tables and use these pool accessories to polish the space and make it fully functional. From small lap pools to large pool-hot tub combos with water features and slides, we have everything you need to manage the space, make it comfortable and enhance the ways you can enjoy it. Whether you go for a traditional poolside lounge feel or opt to create a unique setup for dining or movie viewing near the water, you can use our products to make your wildest dreams a tangible reality. From year-round use in tropical climes to seasonal enjoyment in areas with cold spells, we make it easy to curate and enjoy your poolside space. We even have a selection of pitch-perfect outdoor lighting options to illuminate the space around the pool and open up the possibility of nighttime swims.