Patio Umbrellas

In warm, sunny weather, a patio umbrella can make a huge difference in the way you enjoy your outdoor space. The sun’s rays may be welcome, but at times they can become a little too intense, and that’s when a generously proportioned umbrella gets its own chance to shine. Pottery Barn’s patio umbrellas are the perfect antidote to an overzealous summer sun, providing shade and comfort when you need it most. These handy accessories balance form and function thanks to their fun range of colors and sharp, stylish design. With clean lines and sturdy construction, you can find a place in your outdoor areas for several of these umbrellas to work their magic.

From poolside lounging to late-evening dinners, our generously proportioned umbrellas and canopies can prove their mettle by giving you the shade you need. These stylish covers are also perfect for providing privacy, allowing you to selectively block views of certain parts of your yard, garden, patio or deck. Our umbrellas are available in a range of different diameters, and many of them have adjustable height capabilities that add to their versatility. If you have room for only one umbrella but can think of many uses, consider purchasing a large-diameter option and moving it around your yard with one of our wheeled stands.

We also offer concrete stands for umbrellas you’d like to keep in a single place during the sunny months. Place an umbrella at the center of your outdoor dining setup, or leave one to preside over your outdoor couches and armchairs as a stately sentinel for your leisure hours. Most of our umbrellas are fully collapsible too, so you can leave an umbrella in place and open it selectively when you want some cover. Other options, such as cantilevered umbrellas and wide, canopy-style umbrellas, provide added versatility so you can make your outdoor furniture arrangements look and feel just right.

Those cantilevered umbrella options are perfect for providing a cover over a space next to the umbrella’s base. You can place them behind lounge chairs or use them to cover a grassy clearing. Add outdoor pillows and a comfortable picnic blanket to create a dreamy meadow lounge setup for friends, family and kids to enjoy. This is the perfect accent to a backyard with a pool or a beach house with sand rather than grass in the yard. Our umbrellas are versatile enough to facilitate any kind of outdoor setup, so get inspired and see what you can create.

Thanks to their generous size and their ability to stand fixed in an open position, our patio umbrellas can also act as a support system for outdoor string lights. Throw a late-night summer cocktail party or take a book outside to enjoy after you watch the sunset from your lounge chair. With string lights wrapped around the umbrella’s central pole or draped across the interior supports, you can add twinkling lights and a warm, magical feel to your backyard. To create a dramatic dining setup, use two umbrellas on either side of a long outdoor dining table and large-bulb string lights between the two points.

Whether you pair them with outdoor drapes to create a cabana effect or you add a few to your urban deck to provide some privacy and shade from intense seasonal sunsets, our patio umbrellas are the ideal solution to any sort of light-shading or view-blocking issue. When your seasonal outdoor enjoyment is over and it’s time for rainy or cold weather to set in, you can simply fold up your umbrella and store it indoors or cover it with one of our thick, protective outdoor furniture covers.