Patio Umbrellas

Stay cool while spending quality time outdoors. Our outdoor umbrellas collection offers an excellent selection of stylish umbrellas for your yard, deck or patio. Select from neutral and bold colors in stunning designs, or draw the eye to your seating area with a striped print. Umbrellas add both form and function to a variety of outdoor spaces, from dining tables to lounge chairs.

When the weather gets hot and the sun is out in full force, a good patio umbrella can be your best friend. This essential accessory shields your skin from UV rays, letting you enjoy great weather while still remaining comfortable. Keeping the sun off your skin helps you stay cool, so you can take advantage of the summer sunshine without overheating. If your bistro table doubles as a desk in the summer months, the extra shade also makes it much easier to see your laptop and tablet screens.

A patio umbrella is also a fantastic outdoor decor piece. The canopy adds an extra layer to your dining or seating area, letting you experiment with height. The fabric presents a great opportunity to play around with color too. You can mix and match different colors with the shades in your cushions, throw pillows and outdoor linen. Blend vibrant shades of turquoise, red or yellow with neutrals such as beige, gray or navy. If your existing shades are bold, a black and white striped umbrella can add some European flair to your decor. Neutral colors are more subdued, which works well if you have a lot of fabulous plants that take center stage around the patio. White is an excellent shade that goes with anything, so it is a great option if you already have a lot of colors on your patio.

Your umbrella can work overtime when the sun goes down. The canopy makes an excellent surface for hanging string lights, adding a brilliant glow to your table. Pavilions and cabanas can support a bit more weight, making them ideal hangers for lanterns. Add some ambience with one or two small lanterns in the corner or blend a variety of light sources for plenty of nighttime visibility.

Pottery Barn offers a wide range of patio umbrella options. A classic market umbrella can work in a variety of spaces, from your dining table to your poolside seating. A cantilever umbrella makes a great choice for providing shade to lounge chairs, sofas and sectionals, as you can place it anywhere and position the arm to add shade where you need it. Cabanas and pavilions are good options for larger dining and seating areas, and they make attractive outdoor features. Drape light curtains around the sides to create a softer atmosphere.

Many outdoor tables include spaces for umbrellas, letting you set up shade right in the center of the table. If your table lacks an umbrella insert or you want to add some additional stability, our collections include a selection of bases. A basic concrete stand takes up very little space and provides enough weight to keep the umbrella firmly on the ground when a gentle breeze hits. Some stands can also double as accent tables, giving you a great place to rest your books or cocktail glasses.

This patio accessory is low maintenance and easy to care for. When you turn in for the night, simply fold it up and secure it with the tie. If the forecast calls for a longer period of rainy or stormy weather, take the umbrella out of its base and store it in a sheltered place until things clear up. You can also store it in the garage or shed over the winter to keep the fabric in top shape as well as add one of our custom fitted umbrella covers. Wipe away dust or splatters with an outdoor fabric cleaner product and follow up with a fabric protector to maintain its sun- and water-resistant properties.