Wicker Outdoor Furniture

It’s summertime, the sun is out and you plan to spend as much time as possible relaxing by the pool. Sound about right? Then you need a sturdy chaise that holds up to all-day lounging. Wicker is your answer. Our single wicker chaise helps you get the job of unwinding done. The wicker frame stretches to the ground, so no matter how much you get up and down or wiggle around throughout the day, it stays steady and in place. The slipcover on the cushion is water repellent, so don’t be afraid to take dips in the pool and dry out on the chaise with sun’s assistance. Looking for a wicker chaise that is easier to move? Our all-weather lounger with space underneath makes it simple to grab the piece and move around the pool deck with the shifting sun. And you can use the space under the chaise to tuck away your flip-flops or the magazines you finished reading. This wicker chaise comes with cushions that have quick-drying foam, and you get four throw pillows too, so make yourself as comfortable as can be. Recline in as many as five different poses, including the ultimate nap position. Keep your beverage, sunglasses and reading device nearby by planting one of our wicker coffee tables within reaching distance of your seat. Ideal to set next to your chaise, our round or cube wicker tables make easy work of grabbing a sip from your cup or picking up your tablet to check baseball scores. The square coffee table even allows you store your items inside under its lifting lid. If the sun is really beating down, store your electric device inside the table when not in use.

Give yourself a comfortable place to enjoy those nice, warm evenings outside after a long day of working and cooking dinner. One of our wicker sectional sofa sets from Pottery Barn is calling your name. Adorn your patio with our aluminum-wrapped, open-weaved sectional. This slender-profiled sectional offers comfort in its bulky cushions. Share your relaxing space with the rest of the family with the six-piece option. If your exterior chill-out space is a little more humble or on your smaller apartment patio, then our wicker sofa love seat or grand sofa is the ticket. Both are weather resistant, so leave your outdoor furniture where it belongs: outside. With a little extra space on your apartment patio, add a coffee table. Our glass-top wicker table complements your love seat and gives everyone a place to set his or her after-dinner coffee, cup coasters or reading material.

When it’s warm outside but even hotter inside, there’s nothing better than taking your dining activities to the out of doors. With one of our wicker dining sets, you can take pleasure in the view of the lake and the cool breeze coming off of it while enjoying your meals. Our dining sets give you a weather-resistant, concrete-topped table with sturdy acacia wood legs and six wicker chairs accompanied by seat cushions. All the dining chairs feature rustproof, aluminum frames under the hand-crafted wicker material, requiring little to no maintenance.

If you want a simple and comfortable way to furnish your exterior entertainment space, decorate it with our wicker pieces. Place a couple peacock chairs on your backyard patio and see who won’t move from these favorite seats. These truly distinctive wicker chairs let you and pull up your feet under you and relax, while the wide-open “weave” lets the breeze get directly to you. If stretching out while sinking into your seat suits you best, then our wicker armchairs and ottomans leave you relaxed while relishing in the outdoors. Choose the round- or square-armed version and couple it with a round, square or rectangular ottoman; all offer you thick, comfy cushions and are resilient to water and moisture. The rectangular wicker ottoman sits lower to ground and works well to partner with your outdoor sofa or love seat.