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One of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to decorating any room in the home, window treatments and shades also provide functionality in addition to decor. While some rooms need a simple Roman shade to add a decorative accent, in other rooms your may prefer window treatments and drapes that block out natural light when you close them, allowing you privacy and security. Choose from an assortment of different materials, colors and styles to find the best window treatments that work for every room in your home.

Keep things simple with a standard cotton drape that comes in a variety of colors. Pottery Barn not only offers you several different sizes when it comes to your drape, but also the ability to customize the lining perfectly to your needs. Choose either a single-width or double-width cotton lining to provide some natural lighting in your room, or opt for a single-width or double-width blackout lining for the ultimate in privacy. With a variety of colors, this simple drape works well with larger windows in any room of the home and is the optimal choice for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

If you’re looking for something a little brighter and bolder, opt for curtains and drapes with different patterns and colors. Match a patterned window treatment with a solid rug for an exceptional look in your living room or family room. Choose from patterns such as diamonds, stripes and florals to create brightness and a focal point in each room. Materials are quite important when it comes to choosing your window treatments, and The Eco Shop allows you to choose the most environmentally friendly materials for your home. Look for drapes and curtains with an organic cotton construction for not only durability, but also peace of mind, knowing you are using window treatments with environmentally safe construction. Other eco-friendly materials include Belgian flax, which is a distinctive and elegant curtain choice, allowing your room to look more stately.

If you need just a little bit of window coverage in your room, a Roman shade is an excellent choice. While you can get full coverage on your windows by pulling the shade down, light filtrates in through the sides, bringing brightness and joy to your room on a daily basis. Look for simple, solid-color Roman shades to polish off a look in a room, or opt for bold patterns that help the shade become the focal point of the room. Simple patterns, such as stripes and blocks, work well in both cases. Choosing muted and neutral colors allow you to pair your shades with decorations and rugs of many different hues, as neutrals match well with all color schemes.

When it’s time to hang your new window treatments, always remember to include new window hardware as well, as not all window treatments are created equally. Look for bold new collections, such as rods and knobs in pewter, antique bronze or nickel to really set off the look in the room. While the main purpose of window hardware is to be durable and functional, lasting for many years of use, it’s also paramount for the hardware to be decorative, matching existing styles and tones in the room. The Cast Iron Essentials collection, for instance, offers a very vintage, antique look while giving you the premium durability you’ve come to expect. Easy to install and use, this hardware is made so that even a novice is able to install it properly the first time. Those who are hanging curtains and window treatments in outside spaces may enjoy the Pewter Outdoor Collection. Made with weather-resistant materials, these knobs and rods do not corrode and are built for many years of enjoyment.