Blackout Curtains

We’re all grateful for the sun, but sometimes you just want it to leave you alone. Whether you’re trying to snatch a few extra hours of peaceful sleep or want to block out any ambient light that floods your windows, Pottery Barn has the blackout curtains you’re looking for. Thick and luxurious, these curtains have a special liner that helps filter out light and keep your interior spaces as dark as you want them to be. The blackout liners add extra thickness to the curtain, helping to absorb noise and block drafts.

These curtains bring both substance and style. You can order optional blackout liners on most of our curtains and drapes, allowing you to add some versatility to our elegant options. Available in materials such as silk and a linen and cotton blend, these blackout curtains serve their decorative purpose well while hiding their functional blackout secret in their lining. From rich solid colors to ornate prints, we’ve got plenty of style options to suit your taste and blend perfectly with your home’s design scheme.

If you want an extra layer of blackout power, we offer unadorned blackout liners to serve as a first line of defense next to your windows. If you choose the right window hardware, you can layer your blackout liners under a lighter, unlined curtain, giving you the option of shutting out the sun or letting a little light in as your mood changes.