Silk Drapery and Curtains

Nothing says good taste and quality like window treatments made of lustrous silk. Because the individual strands of thread have a natural variation in their thickness, silk fabric has eye-catching depth and texture. Your home furnishings appear more refined when accented with windows framed in elegantly dyed silk drapery panels. Pottery Barn is your source for the elegant hardware to complete the upscale look of your silk window treatments. Shop our collection of vintage and modern style window hardware to find strong and handsome steel curtain rods in finishes that include antique pewter, cast iron and deep black.

If total darkness is your mission when sleeping, choose black curtain rods and blackout silk curtains. Blackout silk curtains are also useful in rooms with fragile artifacts, media and artwork, deeming them a good choice for offices, studios and libraries. Silk curtains with blackout backings are suitable choices for home theaters as well since they will effectively prevent sunlight from interfering with movie screens and projectors. If you want to let the sunlight in, place graceful and flowing sheer drapery and curtains under silk drapery sets. Both silk curtains and sheers may be hung in a variety of ways depending on the specific style. Rod pocket, grommet-style and ring-style tops are available to accommodate your preferences in window treatments and hardware. All of our silk panels are woven from pre-dyed yarn that retain its color and quality for years. Choose from a wide assortment of silk colors to create the mood you desire.

From bedrooms to formal living rooms, silk drapery panels provide an organic look and exceptional performance. Complete the looks of special rooms with Oriental and Persian rugs. The expert weave and deep tones in our carpets tie your furnishings together with warmth and unmatched style.