Velvet Drapes and Curtains

Add a dash of drama to your living room with luscious fabric choices. Velvet curtains are statement pieces that can add texture to your spaces. They can create a classic or contemporary appearance depending on how you blend fabric colors with your existing furniture and accessories. Choose full drapes in dark velvet to create contrast with light walls and keep sunlight at bay during the early morning hours. Pair light curtain colors with neutral furniture and walls for a bright and spacious effect. Curtains with velvet borders or stripes can soften the dramatic effects of the fabric and helps accent the window area. Hang velvet curtains in front of doorways and closet spaces or from the ceiling as an alternative to heavy wooden doors or room dividers.

To keep some privacy in your space without blocking out natural sunlight, layer some sheer drapes behind heavier curtains. Pair solid curtains with printed accents such as rugs or pillows to help liven up your space or play with contrasting colors to create a contemporary effect. Add hardware and accessories such as decorative curtain rods and holdbacks to draw the eye to the window area. Pottery Barn’s window hardware collections offer a selection of finishes and colors. Browse our Design Studio for more tips and ideas on decorating with drapes and other textiles.