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Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs bring texture and warmth into a home. Their earthy, versatile style makes them appropriate for either formal or casual rooms. Whether you employ them to define an open plan space or to anchor a seating arrangement, these eco-friendly rugs are sure to delight.

Pottery Barn offers a selection of sustainably harvested jute rugs, in monochromatic colors or in two-tone patterns. Our Jute Lattice Rug provides an equal measure of sophistication and softness, while our Round Jute Rug, which is braided then stitched into a spiral, adds a welcome layer of texture to any room. When woven together, jute’s rapidly growing fibers create a playful and inviting product that works best in low-traffic areas. In contrast to jute rugs, our seagrass rugs are ideal for parts of the home that see a lot of action because they offer superior durability. Our Color-Bound collection blends a little sisal with the seagrass. These rugs are bordered with fabric, providing a pop of color. The indigo edging, in particular, evokes a seaside vibe when contrasted against the warm gold of natural seagrass.

Sisal, which comes from the agave plant, is a material that readily accepts dye. Consequently, our handcrafted, sisal rugs are available in neutral tones including mocha and toffee. Natural fiber rugs provide an environmentally sound way to soften hard floors in any room.