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Outdoor Rugs & Doormats

Pottery Barn makes it easier than ever to enjoy your outdoor space with our sophisticated, colorful outdoor rugs & mats. Whether you have a spacious rural backyard or a small urban terrace, an all-weather rug can add comfort and decorative appeal to your outdoor spaces. To dress up your entryway, choose one of our sturdy, stylish doormats. No matter where you live and how much outdoor space you have to enjoy, these rugs and mats can add a civilized touch and a sense of unique personality to your home. If you find a style you absolutely love, keep in mind that there’s no rule that says you can’t bring these great rugs indoors as well, so you can carry the same rug motif throughout your home if you so desire.

An outdoor rug can help anchor an arrangement of outdoor furniture and lend a roomlike sense to the space, even if you’ve set up a charming little lounge area in a tucked-away corner of your property. Rugs will instantly define the space and help give it a sense of structure and civility, adding a welcome element of indoor luxury to the wide-open spaces in your life. Create a special setting for an outdoor party or set up a seasonal furniture arrangement so you can enjoy fresh air and sunshine whenever you can. If you ever need to store your outdoor rug, you can simply shake it free of dust or wash according to its instructions and then roll it up for storage when it’s dry.

We have many different types of outdoor rugs & mats for you to choose from, including some eco-friendly options made from sustainable materials such as recycled yarn. Most of the rugs in this section are flatwoven, which is part of what makes them suitable for outdoor use. Flatwoven rugs are easier to clean and less absorbent, so you can leave them outside without worrying about damage. This flatwoven construction means that some of our patterned outdoor rug styles have inverse color printing on either side, so you can flip your rug over for a slightly different version of the same look. This means that you can get twice the wear from your rug or arrange a collection of several rugs in the same colorway that are presented on opposing sides for slight pattern variations.

Our outdoor rugs & mats can be excellent for covering and protecting wooden decking or providing a clean surface for you to set up an outdoor dining area on a lawn. There are so many different ways to use these rugs, and we help add to the versatility by offering several different rug shapes and sizes. Find the size that works best for your space and then choose a color and pattern that appeals to you. Whether you like bold modern graphic styles or have more of a flair for the traditional, we have options to suit you in this product category.

Use our outdoor rugs & mats to enhance and decorate outdoor spaces of all kinds, whether you’re dreaming of a polished poolside lounge area or a sleek and inviting outdoor cafe table setup on your small urban high-rise deck. From protecting your decking to providing a comfortable surface for bare feet over rough outdoor terrain, our flatwoven outdoor rugs are an excellent accessory for a dreamy outdoor setup. You can reap similar protective and decorative rewards from our door mats, too, thanks to their ability to scrape mud and dirt from shoes before they enter your home. Whether you want to enhance a festive seasonal entryway or add a personalized welcome to your front door, our door mats are a great way to make your home cozier.