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Roman Shades

With their ability to provide strong blackout power and add a touch of elegance to your home, Roman shades are truly versatile window treatment options that add benefits in both form and function. These fabric window coverings combine the advantages of both curtains and slatted window shades, giving you the draped, flowing effect of curtains with the shading and blocking power of shades. These practical and pretty window coverings look great in any room and look just as good on their own as they do paired with other window treatment types.


With their simple structure and functional construction, Roman shades are a great choice for rooms that don’t need a lot of extra adornment, including a home office or kitchen. However, while Pottery Barn’s Roman shades are practical and simple, they are certainly not boring, thanks to the range of different styles we offer. This includes patterned Roman shades and shades in a variety of different colors, including some crisp white options with colorful contrast trim. The cordless construction present on most of our Roman shade options makes these window coverings an excellent choice in areas with windows over work surfaces, sinks, stoves and other parts of the house where you don’t want to leave cords hanging down from the walls.


That cordlessness also makes these shades an excellent choice for windows in children’s rooms or homes with pets that like to get themselves tangled in anything that hangs. Unlike traditional corded blinds, which are themselves suitable in a variety of different situations, our cordless Roman shades expand and retract when you use the tension-loaded handle on the shade’s bottom edge. This design feature allows you to quickly and easily raise or lower your shades to the desired height, with the added bonus that Roman shades have a draped effect when retracted partway.


Another point of versatility that makes Roman shades so appealing is that they’re sleek enough to place underneath curtains and other decorative window treatments. The Roman shades themselves can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to blacking out light or providing privacy, meaning you can select sheer curtains for their aesthetic appeal without worrying about how much light or visibility they allow from the window. From valances to sheer curtains or a simple setup of curtains that you’d prefer to keep held back from the window with tiebacks, Roman shades can serve as the base layer to whatever kind of top-layer window treatment you desire.


From the bedroom to the living room, Roman shades are a simple and elegant accessory that can enhance the look of your space and allow you to incorporate some unique design elements. If you find yourself getting bored of the standard slatted window blind style, consider trading those out for a colorful, crisp set of Roman shades. We offer different fabric textures in addition to different colors and patterns, so you can incorporate an additional style element to your home for maximum polish and nuance. Our Roman shade fabric options include crisp, inviting linen and pure, streamlined cotton.


Our selection of Roman shades makes it possible for you to pick out exactly the kind of window covering that suits your style and practical needs. Choose Roman shades to match your bedding or opt for a neutral-colored shade to serve its purpose quietly while other elements of the room make a louder decorative statement. Once you’ve selected a style, you can measure your windows and choose one of our many pre-measured sizes to find the best fit. We include installation hardware with your purchase, making the whole process from start to finish as easy as possible.