Rug Pads

A beautiful rug can add a lot of interest and comfort to a room, but if that rug is on a hard surface such as a tile or hardwood floor, your rug can turn in to a slippery, bunching mess as soon as someone steps on it. Keep your rug in place and protect it from wearing out with one of Pottery Barn’s rug pads. Our rug pads help keep your rug in one place, making it more comfortable and safer to stand or walk on. These rug pads also help protect the rug, extending its life and safeguarding its quality.

The rug pad provides protection to the rug by acting as a buffer between the floor and the rug itself. Putting a rug directly on a hard surface exposes the rug to a lot of friction, particularly if it is in a high traffic area. Over time, that friction can cause wear and tear on the rug, shortening its life and leading to a threadbare, dingy appearance. Putting a pad underneath the rug places the brunt of that friction on the pad, protecting the rug.

Cushiony and thick, our rug pads also help make rugs feel more luxurious as you stand on them. Use one of our rug pads under a rug in your kitchen so you can protect your feet and feel cozy while you cook or do dishes. Our rug pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can easily cut them to fit cleanly underneath your rug with a pair of scissors.