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Mango Wood Bowl

  • Jefferson Wood Serve Bowl

    Jefferson Wood Serve Bowl

    • $69
      With its contemporary aesthetic of clean lines and simple design, this collection creates a big impact. The mango wood is hand lathed and finished in black to create entertaining pieces that showcase every serving. Our serve bowl is ideal for snacks, salads, fruit and more. 14" diameter, 5" high. Hand made of mango wood.
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  • Mango Wood Dough Bowl

    Mango Wood Dough Bowl

    • $199
      Carved by hand from natural mango wood, our bowl has a simple, rustic feel that layers easily with other decor. It makes a perfect spot for faux botanicals or pumpkins, or even ornaments. DETAILS YOU'LL APPRECIATE Hand carved from mango wood. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Features an anti bug and fungal sealant. Due to each bowl being hand carved, each piece will be unique.
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  • Vintage Wood Chip & Dip

    Vintage Wood Chip & Dip

    • $49 Special $39
      Create a bit of the wine country wherever you are with these rustic pieces inspired by a found object from a Napa flea market. Hand wash. Hand made of sustainably harvested mango wood.
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    $49 Special $39