Rugged Wicker Chair

  • Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Armchair, Honey

    Palmetto All-Weather Wicker Armchair, Honey

    • $162 $874 Special $129 $699
      Crafted of a rugged synthetic that captures the beauty of wicker, our chair can be left outdoors year-round. Click to read an article on {{link path='pages/popups/palmetto-care_popup.html' class='popup' width='640' height='700'}}recommended care{{/link}}. HOW IT’S CONSTRUCTED Woven from variegated honey strands that replicate wicker’s rich texture. Includes a quick-drying seat cushion and back pillow; each includes water-repellent polyester canvas slipcovers in Natural; imported.
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    $162 $874 Special $129 $699