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Taper Candle Holders

  • Reed Recycled Glass Taper Holder

    Reed Recycled Glass Taper Holder

    • $59 $79
      Each candleholder in this collection is handblown by artisans from recycled glass, letting the natural qualities of the material reveal their handcrafted feel and look. The simple shapes, which vary from piece to piece, are beautiful art objects on their own, and look stunning when arrayed in a group. DETAILS YOU'LL APPRECIATE Made of blown recycled glass. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Due to each piece being hand crafted, each piece is unique; no two pieces are alike.
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    $59 $79
  • Engraved Menorah

    Engraved Menorah

    • $59
      An engraved relief pattern on the upcurved arms of our menorah creates a beautiful contrast to the stepped candle cups and base. It’s artfully crafted and lustrously finished to shine bright from the first night of candlelight to the last. DETAILS YOU’LL APPRECIATE Hand carved of aluminum with 9 candle holders. Holds standard size taper candles (sold separately). Beautifully engraved pattern featured on the arms. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Spot clean. Imported.
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  • Anna Taper Candle Hurricane

    Anna Taper Candle Hurricane

    • $49.50
      A mix of polished metal and mouth-blown glass enhances the tall silhouette of Anna Hurricane. Place it on a console or coffee table, or arrange several for a dramatic display of candlelight. DETAILS YOU’LL APPRECIATE Made of blown glass with a red mercury finish. Holds 3" width candles (sold separately). KEY PRODUCT POINTS Indoor use only. Spot clean. Imported.
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  • Arlington Taper Holder

    Arlington Taper Holder

    • $29.50 Special $23
      These candleholders shine even without candlelight reflecting on their polished surfaces. Group several for a glamorous display, or place alone to take center stage on an accent table. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Crafted of aluminum with a faux brass finish. Indoor use only. Imported.
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    $29.50 Special $23
  • Antique Mercury Glass Taper Holder, Small

    Antique Mercury Glass Taper Holder, Small

    • $16.50 $29.50 Special $13 $23
      Create a shimmering spectacle that’s sure to add warmth to any gathering. These handmade pieces have soft rounded edges, sculptural turnings and beautifully detailed bases. The silvered mercury finish reflects the glow of flickering candlelight. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Made of blown glass with an antiqued mercury finish. Each holds a taper candle (not included). Imported.
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    $16.50 $29.50 Special $13 $23