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Happy International
Women’s Day!

Pottery Barn is a brand powered by women,
from artists and designers to store associates
and our executive team. Today, we celebrate
them – and all of the inspiring women who
shop with us.

50% of WSI's Board of Directors
are women. That's 2X Higher than the national average.
WSI is one of very few
Fortune 1000 companies with Both a Female
Julie Walen,
As of 2015, only 11.6% of
Fortune 500 companies
had a female CFO.
Pottery Barn, and its parent
company Williams-Sonoma,
Inc. (WSI), is at the forefront
of the female-empowered
workforce. Here's how we
proudly stack up.
Laura Alber,
Only 6.4% of Fortune 500
companies are led by a
female CEO.
75% of Pottery Barn's full-time
workforce is women. That's 1.5X Higher than the national average.

Get the
Limited Edition Print

As part of our International Women's Day
celebration, we partnered with Women Who
Draw, an open directory of professional
female illustrators, artists and cartoonists.

Your purchase will directly benefit
HERproject, a nonprofit that empowers
low-income women working in global supply
chains through health and financial training
and resources.


This framed limited edition print, Strength
, is from featured Women Who
Draw artist Alex Labriola. It nods to the
powerful movement that is proving women
are – in fact – stronger together.


Shop Now

These diverse women, walking
forward with symbols of
positivity between them, is a
way of helping us remember
why we are so special and
what we are capable of.

Alex Labriola

2018 featured artist

Alex Labriola is the founder of Al
Stampa, a creative studio that
specializes in illustration, branding
and letterpress. @alstampa

Our Journey
with HERproject

In 2015, Pottery Barn launched a partnership with nonprofit BSR to implement HERproject, a workplace training program that empowers women working in factories where some of our products are made.

Our Pledge

As of 2018, through this partnership we have provided education on health and financial literacy to nearly 30,000 workers throughout Asia. By 2020, we pledge to impact the lives of 100,000 factory workers through similar initiatives.

Learn more at