Slipcover Installation Instructions
Upholstery Slipcover Installation Instructions Carefully pull your new slipcover over the frame in a front–to–back direction. Smooth and tuck any excess fabric into the corners and sides of the seat deck. Once on, gently work the slipcover so that so that the zippers are aligned with the corners of the frame. The slipcover will fit snugly yet retain its relaxed look.
Gently slide on the cushion covers, making sure that the corners of the cushion fill the corners of the slipcover before zipping.
For loose back cushions or side pillows, fold in half when filling slipcovers. Gently work the pillows in the slipcover. Zip the slipcovers.
For a Sleeper Sofa, follow the above steps. Then arrange the slipcover onto the sleeper so that the flap ("trapdoor") lies along the frame of the enclosed bed frame under the seat section. The slipcover ties (or interlocking strips) found on the flap should be tied to the sleeper mechanism to hold the flap in place. When folding out the sleeper, undo the ties and fold the flap down the front of the sleeper. For convenience, the slipcover can remain on the sleeper while using the sleeper mechanism.
Loose–fit Slipcover Installation Instructions Turn the slipcover out and locate the tags that say "Back," "Left Arm" and "Right Arm." Stand behind your furniture piece and spread the slipcover over furniture with the slipcover turned right–side out. Stretch the slipcover over furniture. Slipcover should have excess fabric in the seat.
Back and Arms: This will need to be tucked in between the cushions in order to smooth out the slipcover. It can be tucked tightly or loosely depending on the effect you want to achieve.
Buckle the fabric ties around the furniture corners at the back to complete the look.
Wrinkles from shipping disappear over time; however, you may want to iron the slipcover before placement or once it is on your piece.
For use on loose/scattered––back cushion furniture (like Charleston). We suggest removing one or more of the back cushions to create a flat back before placing slipcover on.
Loose–fit Slipcover Tailoring Set Instructions Once the loose–fit slipcover is in place, insert the longer back wedges between the back and seat cushions. Insert the wedges with the red line down. Repeat this step with shorter side wedges. With the wedges in place, smooth and tuck the fabric for the desired effect.