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When it comes to decorating your home, there are few things that say more about your taste than the art you showcase. From movie posters to paintings, and from objet d’art to sculpture, filling your home with beautiful art allows you to come home every day feeling as if your living space is truly personal. The beautiful thing about art is that it has the power to move you, and that alone means it can fit in almost anywhere in your home. Mix and match contemporary and modern styles for a unique, eclectic look.


Opt for a classic look by showcasing different prints and canvases. There are many different styles to choose from that suit any living area in your home easily. Nautical themes work well in mudrooms and enclosed porches while bold, modern themes often wake up drab bedrooms. Large, soft prints often work well in a living room, while smaller art shines in an entryway or hallway to accent the walls. Choose from different framed and unframed styles to suit your needs. Many of the prints available from Pottery Barn are already beautifully framed.


Decorative items are also a great way to liven up a living space or bedroom. Decorative art can be anything from sculpture to a unique wall hanging. Interesting items, such as a wooden bowl, are easily transformed into a wall hanging and work of art, while a hanging made of recycled glass is a great way to add a conversation piece while being eco-friendly. Tapestries and panels are also terrific on living room and bedroom walls, while bamboo panels work well in an eat-in kitchen or casual dining area. The sky really is the limit when it comes to filling your home with beautiful objects.


If you have a specific theme in mind, search art by subject. This is a great way to narrow choices down to suit a particular color scheme or design palette. Opt for myriad different themes to search through, such as botanical, coastal, architecture, travel and even photography selections that have appeared in the New York Times. These selected black and white prints add a powerful statement to any room, especially a home office or den. You are also able to search for other subjects, such as abstracts and animals.


In addition to decorative art, prints and canvas, adding photography to your walls is a splendid idea. Choose from beautiful still lifes that encompass many different themes. If you’re trying to work on a beach or nautical theme, photography of beach scenes and boats is a great way to complement the space. Black and white photos often work well in a living room or dining area, while travel photos or photos of animals work well to wake up a bedroom or hallway. Architectural photos also look very appealing in a home office or den.


If you have a favorite artist in mind, you are also able to shop by artist. Choose from modern artists and photographers, such as Cindy Taylor, Jesse Leake and Ana Ramirez. Shopping by artist gives you the ability to fill your home with similar works should a certain artist catch your eye. This option also lets you look for both prints and photography.


You are also able to bring your own photos to life by choosing exquisite frames in which to place them. Choose from different styles, such as wooden or metal frames, or opt for acrylic gallery frames, giving you the ability to hang your own photographs as if they appeared in an art gallery. Turn your wall into a complete work of art with a frame set featuring many different photographs and pictures at once.