Create an inviting ambience in any room with Pottery Barn candles. Few things are quite as charming and inviting as having one or more candles lighting up a room. Choosing scented candles is a delightful way to add both subtle lighting and enticing smells to a living space. Available in both traditional and flameless varieties, you have a wide array of candles to illuminate both indoor and outdoor living areas. You can even control some flameless candles with a remote control, making it easy to relax while you enjoy the mood lighting.

Choose distinctive candle holders to hold your candles. Pillar holders hold your pillar candles in style. Available in many different styles and heights, a grouping of pillars on a mantle or sideboard is always a winning touch. There’s something so traditionally elegant about a pillar in a hurricane candle holder. The glass hurricane adds both style and safety as you burn a candle with a real flame. Mercury glass jar candle holders inject a quaint charm into any room.

The candles we have available pair invitingly with other decorative objects we have, such as glass terrariums and coral. If you’re creating a seaside or beach theme in a room or outdoor seating area, imagine mixing flameless candles with embedded seashells with coral or seashell pieces. Bookends can hold books on a shelf while a candle or two adds delightful interest.

You’ll never go wrong when you combine candles and accent mirrors. With the mirror as a backdrop, both flame and flameless candles will flicker invitingly while reflections bounce around the room. Mirrors pair easily with candles and candle holders, and they fit virtually any decorating style and theme.

When you’re adding a distinctive ambiance to an indoor or outdoor living area, candles and lanterns are an easy choice. Lanterns will accommodate both flame and flameless candles to help you create just the right lighting. Imagine the distinction of a lantern made of aluminum, bronze, iron or brass. Available in many different sizes and shapes, you can add pillar candles in small or large sizes to coordinate easily. Lanterns are also a beautiful way to display other decorative objects, such as coral, seashells and starfish. Whether you’re setting a formal dining table with taper candles as the centerpiece or you’re decorating a mantel with distinctive pillar candles in candle holders, you’ll love the versatility you have when you decorate with candles. The ambience and glow of candles simply can’t be matched with any other type of lighting.