All Home Accessories

When filling your home with decor and accessories, keep in mind that home accessories have two separate functions. Not only should accessories be functional and usable, such as baskets for storage or laundry, but they should also complement the existing colors and decor of the room while remaining attractive and stylish. Just because an item has a functional purpose doesn’t mean it can’t show off your design personality. Allow Pottery Barn accessories to bring life to each of your living spaces.


Storage baskets are ideal for much more than laundry. Choose from wicker baskets that work well for storing linens, magazines and periodicals and even as recycling bins. A wicker basket is a nice touch for reading material in a bathroom or for the storage of linens in a hall closet or corner of your bedroom. Wicker storage baskets also allow you to store any items in stackable baskets with lids. Organizer and ottoman baskets also work well perched inside or next to an entertainment center or under a bed to keep all of your needed items within arm’s reach.


Picture frames are also an important part of any home. Adorning your wall with pictures of your friends and family really makes your space feel like a home, while just the right picture frames add a sense of style and elegance. Choose single-opening black frames for a classic look, or opt for acrylic, gallery-style frames for a more eclectic, open appeal. Thick, wooden frames work well holding still portraits of landscapes and wildlife, while rustic mirror frames hold treasured photographs of family in any setting. Build an entire wall of frames with sets and photo carousels, creating an exquisite appearance in your living room. Different shapes and styles of frames also add a unique look. Mix and match different shapes, metals and other materials for a beautiful room full of pictures.


Clocks are also a functional must-have item in any home and work well in every room. Choose from clocks with Arabic or Roman numerals to suit your taste in a variety of different colors and styles. An oversize clock looks great on a mantel or bookshelf, while a wall clock with thermometer works great outdoors right outside a window, so you never have to guess the temperature. Pendant clocks are a terrific addition to a shelf or desktop, while small vintage-style clocks work well in a bedroom or study. Choose from square and round shapes to complement existing decor.


For a cozy night when you’re staying in, enjoy some entertaining reading to keep you busy. A selection of coffee table books ensures that you find the right reading companion for quiet nights by the fire. Choose from books about landscape photography or the masters of the fashion world, or spark the travel bug with books about faraway lands. Even if you’re not in the mood for reading, these books make an excellent addition to your coffee table for guests to peruse.


Fill your home with decorative objects to showcase your personal sense of taste and style. Whether you’re displaying artful objects, such as carvings or sculptures, or are decorating your bookshelves with oversize wine bottles, every decoration says something about your personal taste. Choose from modern and contemporary styles to fit each room, or mix and match styles for a more eclectic touch. Glass buoys and coral add a more nautical look to a room, while angular glass sculptures add a bit of elegance.


For a little bit of extra tabletop storage with a personal touch, look for boxes and trays to store trinkets and items in. Prime for monogramming and personalization, boxes and trays make a great gift for friends or family or to offer yourself something special. Choose from porcelain, lacquer and metal styles to complement a dresser or bureau while adding beautiful accents to the room. Display trays are also an excellent way to showcase beautiful pieces of jewelry.